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"A business with a healthy sales pipeline is by definition, a healthy business"

Phone First is an Australian Company with a unique value proposition that can help almost any business. Our focus is quite simple - we aim to grow your business by building your sales pipeline.

So why the name Phone First? Well...the reason is that we source our leads and qualify using some clever phone technology.

Our products help you increase revenue by supplying quality appointments in your chosen industry. We also help you in lowering costs as you only pay for the referrals you get. We remove a large amount of the risk that comes with doing your own marketing, we find the leads then qualify them ourselves before referring them to you so you are only paying when you get an appointment.

Too many businesses get caught in the trap of spending far too much time trying to make contact with potential customers instead of actually talking to well qualified potential customers. In fact an all too common scenario looks like this:

At Phone First our aim is to completely reverse this and change the makeup of your sales time to something like this:

At Phone First we completely understand that the success of your business is directly tied to the success of our business - if we don't deliver cost effective quality appointments then we cannot hope to retain your business.

Phone First Pty Ltd - ABN 33 118 745 994