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Phone First Pty Ltd is Australia's premier appointment setting service.

We specialise in delivering cost effective well qualified appointments to small and medium size businesses.

We must be doing something right, as we now have over 250 loyal customers from 11 different industries buying qualified appointments from us every week.

We want to provide our customers with quality appointments to help them grow their business, if you are a customer of ours we ask you provide ballpark pricing of your products which we validate against the referrals budget. We also ask specific questions relating the product they are looking buy which ensures that a high percentage of the appointments we refer are looking to buy now.

Other benefits are:

We send appointment bookings to you within seconds - meaning you’ll be getting to the prospects when they are hot, giving you a way better chance of converting them into business.

You choose where you want the appointments - We have setup geographical regions that you can choose from to ensure that you only get appointments in the areas where you can provide your service.

You only pay for appointments - We bill at the end of every week and you only pay for appointments that are referred to you. If for any reason the appointment is cancelled by the end-customer (person who we refer to you for an appointment) we will not charge you for the appointment.

No long contract period - only a short notice period to cancel

You choose the amount of appointments you want - you can limit the amount of appointments to a maximum amount per week (minimum amounts may apply in some industries)


To find out how we can help improve your business call us anytime on 1300 851 889. 

Phone First Pty Ltd - ABN 33 118 745 994